Does Your Pet Have Any of These Problems with Medications?

  • Pet has a difficult time swallowing tablets or capsules
  • The pet needs a dosage that is not available in a commercial product
  • Pet has an allergy to an ingredient in the prescribed medication
  • Owner struggles to administer the medication
  • Bad flavor or bitterness of medication
  • Medication needed has been discontinued by manufacturer

Jensen’s Pet Meds – Jensen’s Community Pharmacy in Saline Michigan has solutions for you:

  • Flavored liquid suspensions
  • Chewable Treats
  • Small capsules
  • Small Dissolving Tablets
  • Gels that are absorbed through the skin on the ear (transdermal)
  • Removing inactive ingredients that may cause an allergy
  • Triple Fish Suspension- a favorite of cats
  • Customized strength
  • Flavors that pets love like Chicken, Beef, Bacon and Peanut butter

Are you ready to make life easier for you and your animals? Call Jensen’s Today: 734-429-9053