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Interesting Facts and Applications of Compounding for Pets and Animals

Compounding Medications for Pets and Animals

How Compounding Medications Can Help Your Pet or Animal

How Compounding Medications Can Help Your Pet or Animal

Jensen’s Pet Meds – Jensen’s Community Pharmacy in Saline Michigan specializes in helping veterinarians in hard to treat cases.  We have helped many pets where standard treatments have failed.

We Love a Challenge:

  • We helped a cat that was licking its tail to the point of hair loss.  He was tried on antihistamines and even psychological meds like fluoxetine (Prozac) for over a year without changing the behavior.  We created a bitter gel that was applied to the tail just once and the cat was done with his obsessive licking.
  • A dog had a chronic infection in his lip-fold pocket that took frequent oral antibiotics to keep in check.  We compounded a liquid gel that contained an antibiotic and anti-fungal that was applied for a few days at a time and kept the infection controlled for weeks.  Happy owner Happy pet.
  • A dog needed frequent pain medications for arthritis.  He stopped taking tablets easily and the oral suspension is very bitter.  We compounded a transdermal tramadol gel that was applied to the ear flap and made medication dosing so easy.

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Does Your Pet Have Trouble Swallowing Pills?

Does Your Pet Have Any of These Problems with Medications?

  • Pet has a difficult time swallowing tablets or capsules
  • The pet needs a dosage that is not available in a commercial product
  • Pet has an allergy to an ingredient in the prescribed medication
  • Owner struggles to administer the medication
  • Bad flavor or bitterness of medication
  • Medication needed has been discontinued by manufacturer

Jensen’s Pet Meds – Jensen’s Community Pharmacy in Saline Michigan has solutions for you:

  • Flavored liquid suspensions
  • Chewable Treats
  • Small capsules
  • Small Dissolving Tablets
  • Gels that are absorbed through the skin on the ear (transdermal)
  • Removing inactive ingredients that may cause an allergy
  • Triple Fish Suspension- a favorite of cats
  • Customized strength
  • Flavors that pets love like Chicken, Beef, Bacon and Peanut butter

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Compounded Medications for Pets and Animals

Compounded Medications for Pets and Animals by Jensen’s Pet Meds – Jensen’s Community Pharmacy in Saline, Michigan.

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Pets many times need the same medications as humans to treat diseases.  Often the commercially made medications may not be the correct dosage or not a dosage form that would be easy for the owner and the pet.  Working with veterinarians we can create a medication that is the correct dosage and easy to give.

Steve Jensen is passionate about treating animals of all sizes and shapes; he has completed 24 hours of continuing education to be awarded a Veterinarian Compounding Specialist by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

Common Dosage Forms Are:

  • Oil Suspensions: can be flavored with pet favorites like chicken and beef.
  • Treats: cats and dogs alike will love a chewable flavored treat
  • Transdermal: Many medications can be compounded with a gel base that allows the drug to push past the skin into the bloodstream. Most often applied to the ear flap this can alleviate the stress for the pet and the owner when giving meds by mouth is difficult
  • Topicals: Sometimes when we want to avoid systemic antibiotics, we can create a compound to treat wounds in a gel that does not mat fur! It is not unusual for the pet to lick the wounded area which can impede proper healing.  We have several non-harmful ingredients that can be added which will deter the pet from wanting to lick in the affected area

Google Reviews

April Awalt
April Awalt
23:10 18 May 18
Great pharmacy. Everyone is nice and helpful. They use technology that makes life easier with our family's schedule with a wonderful personal touch. One of the most helpful things is the compounding of my cat's thyroid medication. I can easily apply it to her ear without any issues. She is back to being a healthy, fun loving cat.
20:51 12 Jul 18
You won’t find more welcoming , helpful , dedicated , and fast service at any Of the big corporate pharmacies like Jensons. As a patient who has to take a specific medication that has to be ordered by the pharmacy because most don’t have the brand in stock , it’s a very stressful time consuming ordeal that I have to do once a month .for years I had to deal with Pharmacy staff members that would either tell me they wont have it shipped in for another week, or the pharmisist that places orders was not available that day, or tell me my med it’s on back order , and not available. just all sorts of problems and excuses. Then I found JENSONS and it was like I had finally found the pharmacy I had dreamed of . The staff is super friendly and welcoming . But the biggest difference was the dedication they put in to making sure your medication needs are met efficiently and promptly. The first time I came in with my script , I expected to hear the usual “ we don’t have your med in stock , so one week until we can get it for you if it’s available , no gurantees. “ but instead the Jenson pharmacist took a look at my medication prescription order. And said “Well we don’t have that specific brand in stock but I will place an order right now and have to you by noon tomorrow “ My jaw dropped .i felt like all my worries and stress of monthly med fills had disappeared . I’ve been a customer ever since . No mess, no fuss. They get you in and out with your medication filled in no longer than 15 min max . They are a local Pharmacy but they except Medicaid insurance which is like Amazing. . I don’t usually write reviews , but Jensons deserves to be recognized and acknowledged for their customercare and excellence.
Linda Aldrich
Linda Aldrich
22:38 08 May 18
Jensen's was recommended by our mobile vet, when we needed a specially compounded pain medication for our senior kitty. The staff was knowledgable, friendly and professional, and they even mailed the meds to us!
Debbie Foltz
Debbie Foltz
19:12 25 Sep 17
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent, high quality products in the store. Worth the drive to get to them.
Susan Blomgren
Susan Blomgren
01:56 07 Jun 17
Excellent service, very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great to find a compounding pharmacy so close to home.
Rachel Mariam Seid-Arabi
Rachel Mariam Seid-Arabi
00:23 14 Jun 19
Jensen's was recommended by my vet, and this pharmacy was amazing in fulfilling all our needs for cat's medications, even doing unique formulations (including compounding with cat-friendly flavors) for her at extremely fair prices. Dr. Steve and the staff were so kind. Communication was timely and clear. They also offered to mail our meds, and I took them up on that convenience sometimes. The drive from Ann Arbor was easy enough so I usually picked them up in person. I would definitely patronize Jensen's in the future and I highly recommend them. Really the best pharmacy I have ever worked with.
Matt Lesko
Matt Lesko
17:23 21 Oct 19
These community pharmacies are great! Would never step foot in a Walgreens again for prescriptions!!
Shelly  bell
Shelly bell
18:02 26 Jul 20
I accidentally let my compounded script expire just before the 4th of July. I had never been to Jensens but I was in SUCH a bind since everyone else was closed. This pharmacy could NOT have been more helpful OR accommodating. WONDERFUL experience...GREAT people!! They get MY vote!!!
Tammy Talvitie
Tammy Talvitie
00:58 02 Aug 20
Our home-town pharmacy, where everybody knows our name. Locally owned, personal service, reasonable prices, prescription accuracy, and free delivery upon request. Everything I want our pharmacy to be.
Jennifer Fry
Jennifer Fry
20:17 17 Sep 20
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable hometown pharmacy. One of the few in the area that offers compounding medications and offers a wide variety of products you can't find elsewhere. The store is also always immaculately clean!
Trudy Driscoll
Trudy Driscoll
14:19 21 May 21
Wonderful customer service!
Steve Eisemann
Steve Eisemann
22:17 21 Sep 21
Very good service got my kids their covid shots they did a great job
02:39 25 Jan 22
I was charged $350 for a covid test here. I was not informed this was the price or that I would be billed this much. Do not go here.
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Facebook Highlights

We are happy to our vet told us about you.  My dog Java (11 year old yorkie) takes his medicine a lot better since you have been compounding and flavoring it for him! Thank you!

Melissa Ringlein

Thank you, Jensen Pharmacy, for the great compounding of my cat’s prescription meds.  Now that she is getting her thyroid medicine she is like a kitten again – playing and tearing around the house – and no fighting to apply it.  We’ve tried pills in the past, and have never been successful with it.  Thank you for the wonderful service and help for all members of my family.


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